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CSA Practice

Fed up with static cases found in CSA revision books or with expensive monthly subscriptions? Want to be able to replay core cases multiple times without already knowing all about the patient's background? 

CSA Practice has a unique case generator that allows you to replay a core topic multiple times with variations on the scenarios. There are no in-app purchases or in-app advertising and it does not require a subscription or internet access to run.

Coming soon to Android.

CSA Practice is a role-playing app for trainee GPs due to sit the Clinical Skills Assessment component of the MRCGP qualification. It has been designed by a GP, who was frustrated with the lack of replay value of cases found in traditional CSA training materials. Once the patient’s history and ‘hidden agenda’ had been identified in those fixed scenarios, the role-play would rerun similarly each time losing learning effectiveness.

CSA Practice is able to generate an almost unlimited number of cases with multiple variations around a set of core topics. Each case randomly creates the background and history of the patient, as well as their ideas, concerns and expectations. This means that it is virtually impossible to role-play exactly the same case each time thereby maximizing your learning potential.

CSA Practice has no in-app purchases, in-app advertising and does not require a subscription or internet access to run.